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America is losing with Joe Biden

Written by adityagm5

November 2020 is going to be the most polarized election in American history.

Hindu Muslim conflict has started showing up prominently in American elections due to Pakistani Muslim hatred for Hindus. Some Muslim candidates and media are openly canvassing against Hindus. Many Muslim candidates have made Hindus as their main target. Bernie Sanders was the first presidential democrat candidate to openly endorse such actions. Biden inherited this sentiment through Bernie supporters. The funds from the Bernie campaign has already galvanized the Biden campaign with a new zeal. This anti Hindu sentiment has metamorphosed into an anti-India campaign is the gift of muslims from Pakistan. Hate India is one of the new political platforms of Biden induced by Pakistanis. American Hindu and Buddhist communities must be alarmed at this new development as all other non-Muslims should also be.

This religion based campaign is the foundation of the breaking of United States as we know it. 

Islamists’ anti Hindu, anti India and anti Modi propaganda has bitten the dust. Even in MN, where Obama had done demographic changes with Muslims from Somalia, Bernie lost to Biden. The mainstream democrats have taken their party back from the rabid Islamists from Palestine and the Middle East. Now with Biden, mainstream democrats seem to have lost. Pakistanis are generally considered the people who gave shelter to Osama Bin Laden by most Americans. That Bernie chose a Pakistani born naturalized citizen as his campaign manager destroyed his campaign completely.

Pakistanis have entered the American politics through CAIR and Emgage.

Biden’s win in many state primaries reflected the voice of silent democrat supporters. The mainstream democrats have spoken and have conclusively rejected the ultra left wing of democrat party which was heavily influenced by ultra leftist Islamists. Biden has already done a U-Turn since then. Now, Biden Campaign has completely followed Pakistani and Palestinian lobbies amongst Democrat establishment. The anti-India sentiments in Democrat has reached the crescendo in Biden campaign because of the influence of these Muslim groups. The civility of Biden campaigns is questionable because in many ways it is influenced from foreign sources of funding through Islamic non-profits which need investigation. On 20th July, Biden addressed members of Emgage PAC which focuses exclusively on Muslim community in American politics. He promised key administration positions to Muslim community. This movement of attracting muslim voters started with Bernie and now Biden has become their official mascot.

Many key Jewish community leaders have also supported the Biden campaign. This election seems to be more anti-Trump than pro-America by media houses such as CNN and other democrat controlled media.

In the Emgage PAC address, Pro BDS, anti-India, anti-Modi and anti-BJP sentiments were openly expressed where Biden was present. Due to this more Hindus will gradually turn away from Democrats in coming elections. Pakistani lobbies have forced the Biden Campaign to remove Amit Jani from his campaign. This is in fact good for Indian Americans. Biden has policies for Muslim-American community, why not Hindu-Americans? Why Hindu Americans are counted amongst AAPI? Why Muslims cannot be considered amongst the AAPI since they all belong to the same region? The Islamic ummah concept is at play here. Facebook and Twitter have begun to support these ideologies which go against the American ethos.

Biden will face a defeat at polls in November 2020 because the silent Americans do not approve his plan for exploiting religion to garner votes. More Americans will vote against Biden to preserve American politics.

American Hindus are firmly standing behind Trump and more American Hindus will leave democrats.

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