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American Social Media & Data Center Giants lose global Credibility

Written by adityagm5

Social media has really been a boon to many in the world, but it has also become a tool for silencing free speech. Deplatformization by social media companies based on frivolous complaints has made social media practically useless for a dialogue. Twitter and Facebook have been notorious in suppressing freedom of speech of Hindus. When a simple innocuous reply against hateful posts by Islamists can get an Hindu activist deplatformized, that is injustice against Hindus. Many accounts such as @trueIndology, @vashimant and others have been deplatformized for speaking facts against the attacks that they have faced. Many individuals are joining Parler and other social media groups that are not as leftist as twitter. It’s time for countries such as India to ban these private corporations that seek to control the voice of millions.

There should not be any fear of expression unless someone is organizing a violent act against any individual. A healthy society needs clear and open dialogue. 

The worst affected are the community of Hindus. Hindus make up the world’s third largest religion and they have been viciously targeted by Twitter and Facebook. Unless India creates their own social media platform the voices of Hindus will be suppressed by private organizations like Twitter and Facebook. Ideally there should be a law that requires these organizations to approach courts before anyone is deplatformized. In the USA, even the Parler has been deplatformized by Apple, Amazon and Google. Twitter India must be banned in order to protect the rights of millions of Hindus. Indian politicians must not use these foreign platforms that can also potentially be used by the global intelligence community. That twitter has gone extreme left favoring Islamic terrorist supporter groups has not gone too well with most ordinary users. Abuses against Hindu religion are tolerated and anyone who responds against them is blocked. Twitter India almost works like Islamic caliphate in that they regularly block many nationalistic handles. The leftist ideology of Copy Editors puts the freedom of expression of even logical and civil conservatives at risk.

Facebook and twitter especially have been known to deplatformize users even after charging them for advertisements. It is the act of suppression of free speech that is troubling most of democratic societies. 

A country as large as India that doesn’t have a national social media platform is puzzling to most. China has WeChat. It is a big security risk for a democracy as large as india to have a national dialogue on an american platform. Leaders such as Narendra Modi and other Indian leaders on a foreign platform don’t speak well for their country while their fellow citizens are banned. Who judges content at popular sites such as Twitter is a big question? The liberal and religion based content especially by Hindu mainstream groups has been specifically targeted by content editors. Islamic terror narratives are peddled by a leftist Islamic media ecosystem. A defense by Hindus is immediately blocked. @trueindology account has been blocked many times for no apparent reason.

It’s really a good time for Hindu Americans and Hindus to choose another platform or build one to voice their opinions. Relying on Twitter is a waste of time and investment. Twitter is usually not the best platform to advertise business also as its reach is fairly limited. 

Facebook has also been accused in the past for silencing the voice of conservatives. A Republican congressman is seeking at least $250 million in a lawsuit that alleges Twitter censors conservative voices through “shadow-banning” and makes money from “abusive, harmful and defamatory” content. Shadow banning is the practice of making a post visible only to the person who created it. The platform also suspended the @AOCPress account created by conservatives to parody freshman Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, despite the fact that it had apparently followed Twitter rules and labeled itself as satire. The man who ran the parody account, Jewish conservative Mike Morrison, who tweets personally at @OfficeofMike, also had his account “permanently suspended,” according to activist Courtney Holland. Recent deplatformization of a sitting President of USA, Donald J Trump has given a wake up call to all especially the leadership of large democratic countries such as India, Germany and Brazil.

It’s time for India to search for their own alternative. Indian Elections in 2022 & 2024 can be severely affected if these platforms are allowed to work freely in India.

Solutions for Twitter and Facebook:

  1. Break them into multiple smaller manageable corporations 
  2. India must have its own social media organization
  3. DePlatformization should be considered a civil offense against the rights of individuals 
  4. Before anyone is deplatformized, a court approval must be needed 
  5. Remove Article 230 protection

For those starting new, I would definitely advise to start using alternatives other than Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is most biased against people from non-abrahamic religious orientation. 


  2. Google search 

Disclaimer: Individual contributor is responsible for content of the article. USA Politico neither endorses nor rejects any viewpoint. Freedom of speech and Expression is guaranteed as per the Constitution of United States.

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