An Open Letter to Mr. President, Joe Biden

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Dear Mr Joe Biden,

It is now common knowledge that more than a dozen States of the United States of America have declared Octobe r 2021 as the Hindu Heritage Month. This is to essentially recognize and celebrate the numerous positive contributions made by Hindu Americans to all aspects of American society, including business, education, science, medicine, politics, spirituality, and more.

The proclamations, one after another have gone on to put on record that “the Hindu heritage, culture, traditions,  and values provide invaluable solutions to  many of life’s problems and often serve as a source of inspiration , reflection and contemplation for the millions of individuals who look to the teachings of  Hinduism for guidance.”

How come that you are so slow to declare October 2021 as the Hindu Heritage Month at the Federal Level? By looking at the table below, you would realize that States representing more than half the population of the United States of America have already declared October 2021 as the Hindu Heritage Month.

States Declaring October 2021 as Hindu Heritage Month 2021 Population Per Cent
California 39,613,493 / 11.90%
Texas 29,730,311 8.93%
Florida 21,944,577 6.59%
Pennsylvania 12,804,123 3.85%
Ohio 11,714,618 3.52%
Georgia 10,830,007 3.25%
North Carolina 10,701,022 3.21%
New Jersey 8,874,520 2.67%
Virginia 8,603,985 2.58%
Massachusetts 6,912,239 2.08%
Minnesota 5,706,398 1.71%
Nevada 3,185,786 0.96%
Delaware 990,334 0.30%
Total 171,611,413 51.55%
USA 332,915,073 100.00%
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In the language of the politics, let’s respect popular vote.

Hoping to hearing your declaration soon.

God bless America!

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