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Analyzing upcoming Sino-India military conflict

Written by adityagm5

China is engaged in extensive war preparations to teach India a lesson through the ocean.

For them, it is virtually impossible to fight with India on land borders. They have been nibbling away Indian territory one kilometer at a time. Even at Naku La, they entered India by almost 3 kilometers. They have been surveying Indian Ocean close to Andaman Nicobar Islands, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea for possible mapping of ocean bed to prepare for extensive submarine operations from the ocean against Indian assets. Indonesian navy recently stopped a Chinese survey ship which had gone dark while passing through Indonesian waters. The Indian navy has been preparing hard to detect and counter Chinese submarine warfare strategies but a lot more needs to be done. Chinese aggressive posture against Japan, Taiwan, India, South China Sea and Australia simultaneously on all fronts has surprised the whole world. It has also begun to raise international worries regarding trade with China. Trade with China finances their armed forces. Will a global trade embargo on China help immediately?

The world faces a tough situation in dealing with an ambitious and unreasonable China.

Clearly, China is the villain of today’s global world politics, especially in the times of chinese origin pandemic. It is probably the only country in the world that has disputes with all of its eighteen countries who share a border with China. It is a publicly known fact that China has interfered in American elections. Chinese now virtually control Russia through economics. On borders with India, China has already captured more than two thousand square kilometers of Indian territory since 2004. Indians have tried hard through diplomacy but it hasn’t worked. Disengagement talks only bring advantage to China. China can only be brought to negotiation through military actions such as American force projection in the South China Sea. Also, Indian military action on Pang Tso Lake brought China to the negotiating table. China’s Arunachal Pradesh dreams can only be replied in a proper Language when Indian military planners publicly declare their goal to capture Lhasa in any eventual conflict. Recent incursion in Sikkim and Ladakh can be only answered when India proactively declares FREE Tibet as a military objective.

What should India do for the short term to contain China militarily? 

All Chinese trade from Indian Ocean should be blocked for a month until China vacates Aksai Chin. All talks with China must be stopped immediately. Trade & hostility cannot go together should be the message given to China by India. Only India can challenge China in Asia and they must do it. Indian trade options and also image in the world will significantly improve if it does that.

Why does China want to teach a lesson to India? 

Any communist regime thrives on enslaving their own people first through false propaganda. It has happened in Soviet Union, Cuba and North Vietnam before. Chinese Communist Party has long been communicating to Chinese that China has become invincible from all it’s enemies. They have been claiming to their people that all borders have been peaceful. A very funny claim though. Other neighboring countries are having problems with China because they are jealous of Chinese growth. They have been internally communicating to the Chinese people to be the only country in the world to challenge the USA today. CPC Military Commission’s ego has been severely bruised in Galwan, Ladakh and in Sikkim now.

When Indian Armed Forces started taking their northern border seriously, Chinese tested India militarily in Galwan first, Naku La second and now they plan to test India in Indian Ocean also.

India needs to be ready for a war whether short term or long term. Before that happens, they must acknowledge the problem from China and build a strong case for the global community to ally with them.

If Chinese do not respect LAC, then the whole of Tibet is a disputed territory and it belongs to India. Here are some of the maps from Arunachal Pradesh where Chinese have set up missile silos inside the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh.



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