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Are CAIR affiliated organizations distorting Truth?

Written by adityagm5

The opposition to APPWW is propaganda based on international politics and has nothing to do with issues faced by all Americans.

How come CAIR which claims to speak about spreading Islam in USA, now working politically against candidates who are not Muslim? CAIR’s opposition to Laura Loomer, Manga Anantmulla and Ritesh Tandon who are non-muslim candidates speaks highly of their anti American agenda. There is no justification for their vitriolic attack singling out VA11 congressional candidate Manga, from the American Hindu community. American elections are for all Americans and the subject of religion is purposely kept separate from the state in the USA. With CAIR and its affiliated organizations and candidates bringing their religion and their religion inspired attacks on a Hindu woman candidate of color from VA11 speaks highly about their insecurity and communalism.

CAIR is spreading misinformation and hate against Manga Anantatmula through their unfounded hate for candidates who have a different belief.

Accusing others of Islamophobia to silence free speech of non-muslim candidates has become the new hallmark of CAIR. The government of UAE has declared CAIR as a terrorist organization. As per their founding member Nihad Awad, CAIR was supposed to be an Islamic cultural organization to promote political activism amongst the Muslim community in USA. During a 2008 retrial of the HLF case, FBI Special Agent Lara Burns labeled CAIR “a front group for Hamas.” In January 2009, the FBI’s DC office instructed all field offices to cut ties with CAIR, as the ban extended into the Obama administration. Now it seems that Democrats have found a new love for CAIR, beginning with Bernie Sanders and then Joe Biden. They have promised 1 million Muslim votes for Joe Biden but at what cost ? Destroying the structure of the political system in the USA?

Who does CAIR represent? CAIR doesn’t represent all Muslims in the USA.

CAIR mostly represents Egyptian, Somalian, Palestinian, and some pockets of Arabic Muslims due to their historical connections with Muslim Brotherhood. Pakistani Muslims have joined CAIR in big numbers to gain a voice for themselves and their Kafirphobic Hindu hatred. CAIR has openly supported Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Linda Sarsour who all have been accused of kafirphobia, Hinduphobia and anti-semetic views in many public utterances. Never before Americans have seen such targeted campaigns in the name of Human Rights. Human Rights protection is an euphemism to undermine the human rights of non-Muslims for these organizations. That protection of Human Rights of non-Muslims are completely absent in all Islamic nations is a well recorded fact. In their rabid opposition to APPWW, many organizations came together to call them racist, islamophobe and many other names which all CAIR affiliated organizations regularly do. Most of these organizations have a strategy to gang up on non-muslim candidates to scare them from running for political offices. Labeling them as racist, bigoted, Islamophobe is all meant to silence them. 

In the USA, everyone can legally have only one wife, religion is separate from the state and there is a freedom of speech guaranteed by the constitution of the United States. Bringing foreign political movements and ideologies into American politics is an absolutely foolish idea.

Well this political setup of the USA cannot be questioned by organizations opposing APPWW. Rather the Americans from all walks of life condemn all of those organizations who ganged up on APPWW. APPWW represents the voice of good standing American Citizens who have the right to speak openly like everyone else. The charitable status of many of the organizations opposing APPWW can be easily question by the same parameters of justice through which they themselves are questioning APPWW. 

If someone carefully analyzed the organizations who signed this petition, they would find that most of them either are ultraleft or have connections with CAIR or are outright communal / racist. Their quotations are purely circumstantial and taken way out of context.

Attacking a woman of color Manga Anantamulla and other people of color while themselves becoming a champion for the people of color is pure hypocrisy. Distorting international political issues and conflicts by misinforming Americans is demagoguery at its best by all organizations opposing APPWW and other non Muslim candidates. If democrats can understand this, they should shun political support of CAIR and all its affiliated ultra left organizations. Joe Biden must work for Americans and not for fringe organizations who claim their ideological supremacism against all non-Muslims.

Accusing others of Islamophobia without any basis will also call for being accused of Kafirphobia (hatred or fear of all kafirs or non-believers) going by the same benchmark.

The article mentioned below is their attack on all non-Muslims, particularly against women of color and most importantly against all American Hindus who want to become a politically active citizen in the USA. Any justice department official must carefully analyze the organizations mentioned in the article below to understand a vitriolic, racist campaign against Hinduism, American Hindu political candidates and all American Hindus.

Disclaimer: Individual contributor is responsible for content of the article. USA Politico neither endorses nor rejects any viewpoint. Freedom of speech and Expression is guaranteed as per the Constitution of United States.

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