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CA Democrat Convention excludes Indian Americans

Written by adityagm5

Are progressives the new racist lobby against Indian Americans? From March 29-May 3, 2021 California Democrats organized the state-wide convention which is ongoing as we write this report. The link for that convention is Check the schedule and you will not find a single session dedicated to Indian Americans who are also a minority in the USA. Is this a case of careful avoidance by Democrats in California or is it pure negligence? In either case they have made a public statement of their intent. In the name of liberalism, pluralism and progressivism, they are actually laying the foundation of systemic discrimination against selected communities. The biggest fools are the Indian American voter blocks who give money to these politicians who actually ignore them under various pretexts. Not a single elected official of Indian American descent pointed out this anomaly publicly.

The reasons for this neglect by so called champions of progressivism is also not lost on the intelligent voter. Who planned this convention and why they ignored Indian Americans will surely be revealed in the coming days or weeks.

What should Indian Americans do? If you are a registered democrat in California, you must ask your elected officials to give you a satisfactory answer. If you are not a democrat then you can easily conclude how democrats are treating you. But if you actually attended this convention then you must question yourself, for what you are donating your hard earned money to these people. Racial Equality is a common pet theme in many discussions on this forum. Also, in one of the forums there was actually a talk on Gender equality, democrat values and all inclusiveness. Were those empty rhetoric to please the masses? Or all that sweet talk was to exploit the emotions of the support base? The actions, however, speak louder than words. For Indian Americans, who were excluded from the convention through the agenda, it was all but an empty small talk. So many democrat congress reps addressed the democratic convention but none of them even questioned the schedule & agenda of the convention who they were addressing. 

Elected officials represent all the constituents irrespective of their political affiliation. Singling out one community over others is the violation of the law of ‘Equal Opportunity’ bestowed by the constitution of the United States. If equal rights can be imposed and defended against private corporations, then the same law also applies to political parties.

Religious discrimination is also a discussion point that needs attention here. Indian Americans have faced mis-representation in all official California history & culture textbooks. Non-Indian Americans have been made incharge of deciding the course material about Hinduism to California student populations. Who is going to make a case for them? There is no discussion on that topic because Indian Americans have not even been invited. Certain counties such as Santa Clara county are actually campaigning to impose European Caste system on Indian Americans which is what British colonizers did to Indians in the early 1900s. Are Indian Americans given a forum at the convention to discuss and demand these rights? Or Democrats in California have already decided to not give them the forum? The agenda of the California democratic convention is divisive and exclusively designed against Indian Americans. It is for Indian Americans to think and decide for themselves, if they want to be continuously neglected in this manner by those who claim to be the champions of morality. Where is the diversity inclusion by democrats? There seems to be implicit bias against Indian Americans.

Indian Americans coming from a country of 1.3 billion deserve some respect by democrats who claim to champion the cause of equality. They cannot be clubbed together under Asian Pacific Islanders. Otherwise, the CA democratic convention seems to be the antithesis of what they are claiming to represent.

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