Can Sec. Antony Blinken bring a new start to State Department?

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Chinese have long retained American State department attention despite all kinds of diplomatic & strategic differences. Has that been productive for Americans? With a $308b deficit in 2019, things were pretty bad for the USA. On top of it, the American State Department needs no introduction to the world over their business like transactions on important foreign policy initiatives. American Chinese dalliance started from the 1969 visit of Nixon with Shanghai Communique. Since then American State Department officials have maintained hot & cold communication with China over the One China principle. Jimmy Carter affirmed one China policy in 1979, however, the US continues to maintain military and commercial ties with China under the Taiwan Relations Act. This act was funny because the State Department continued to maintain One China policy but they continued providing Taipei with ‘defensive’ arms. President Reagan continued this policy until 1984, even after the third ‘Communique’. In 1984, the State Department even allowed the sale of arms to Mainland China. So in 1984, they sold weapons to both Mainland China & Taiwan. In 1996, President Lee Teng Hui won the first FREE Presidential elections to become the first President of the independent Taiwan. President Clinton granted him a visa to visit the US which was opposed by Chinese mainland but then later that year also invited mainland Chinese officials. Between 1980-2006, China became the US’s second biggest partner after Canada. In 2007 increased their Defence spending by almost 18%. In 2008, China became the largest holder of the US debt, surpassing Japan. How did that happen? Was the State department sleeping or the business interests of American importers came before the interest of financial security of American voters?

The foreign policy of the USA vis-a-vis China has completely failed to contain expansionist China and it is probably the biggest failure to date of the American State Department.

American State department has very little understanding of countries governed by their native populations. American hatred of nationalists globally is a very myopic view of the world from the lens of Marxist American university programs. Natives’ love of their countries’ interests stems from their being sons of the soil mindset. American state department educating the world on Human Rights and Democracy is the biggest lie on official levels. Some correction needs to be made. 

Whereas America is itself a colony whose natives were violently exterminated until 1924 when the natives were given the American citizenship. Only 5 million Native Americans are left alive in USA Today. Do they have any human rights? 

The myopic view of the US State Department also stems from the glory of American victory in WW-II. The ‘wiser than thou’ attitude of American State department is responsible for today’s problems between Palestine & Israel. Every single US President has tried to earn brownie points from Palestinian – Israeli conflict, while the State Department continues to play on both sides. Aiding Palestine while at the same time aiding Israel, is that really wise diplomacy? I do not think that any American Voter has ever questioned the American State Department and/or their funding. American State department hasn’t resolved a single major global issue proactively since 1967, Israeli Arab conflict which was primarily won by Israel. American state involvement in humanitarian activities has been largely appreciated by African countries. Continuous involvement in the middle-east will bring a severe refugee crisis like Europe to the USA within a couple of years. 

American threat of sanctions on India for their S400 purchase from Russia naturally puts Indo-US relations backward.

Even though Indian External Affairs ministry hasn’t said anything on this matter, they are in no mood to be cowed down by this threat. It remains to be seen if Biden will follow the Clintons in putting the sanction on India. In case of a sanction, years of effort put by Bush, Obama and Trump Administrations will go to waste and there is a greater likelihood of India making decisions, which Americans would definitely not like. As per State department, “In 2019, overall U.S.-India bilateral trade in goods and services reached $149 billion. U.S. energy exports are an important area of growth in the trade relationship. In 2018 India purchased 48.2 million barrels of U.S. crude oil, a significant increase from 9.6 million in 2017. Last year, Indian students enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities contributed over $8 billion to the U.S. economy. The total number of Indian students in the United States has more than doubled over the last decade, from 81,000 in 2008 to a record high of 202,000 in 2019.” If this treaty is ratified by the Senate, sanctions against India cannot be put. The Arms Trade Treaty, done at New York April 2, 2013, and signed on behalf of the United States on September 25, 2013:

It’s time for American State Department to build a stable foreign policy.

The USA has lost rights to educate other countries on human rights issues because they themselves have been the biggest human rights violator against Native Americans, Mexican Americans and also Black Americans. There is systemic racism in USA Today which denies basic rights to it’s minorities. Hindus and Buddhists are persecuted regularly by the state and federal government officials in terms of their right to correct education about their culture. With so much burning in the USA, when will the State department correct itself, and stop advising other countries on Human rights, especially India & China. Will Antony Blinken make State Department more relevant ? Or is he going to take his lessons from past failed state secretaries ?

I hope the state department is not following the Netflix series, ‘Madam Secretary’. 

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