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Indian military response to China

Written by adityagm5

First of all the shameful defeat of Indian armed forces in 1962 was already avenged in 1967. Nehru’s lack of strategy, was responsible for India’s defeat in 1962. And later in 1987 and 2017 also Indian Armed Forces proved their superiority in their war fighting abilities against Chinese. In the recent 2020 Galwan valley incident also 20 Indian soldiers gave a bloody lesson to almost 128 Chinese. With that being said, India must be proud of their military training and their fearless culture of fighting. In any war, it is a soldier behind the weapon that counts. In that regard, Indians definitely have an upper hand.

The diplomatic arrogance of CCP and their false sense of invincibility led them to occupy Indian military outposts inside India.

It seems that CCP has taken their propaganda from Global times posts as real. Where Chinese do excel is the vast industrial base they have created for themselves. India is not far behind China in terms of defense manufacturing base if they include their large private enterprises. China imported large quantities of steel in the last 3 months. As of July, 2020 “India’s steel exports to China in April-May jumped to 441,920t, against 8,019t a year earlier, according to latest steel ministry data. India’s domestic steel demand in the same period dropped by 75.5pc to 4.01mn t. India’s total steel demand in the first half of 2020 fell by 35.8pc on the year to 27.36mn.” Didn’t this ring a bell in Indian defense ministry? 

CCP has been making propaganda videos of Chinese military prowess to their people in order to create fake patriotism and also to prove to Chinese that they are the legitimate rulers of Chinese people.

The glorification of Chinese missiles and plagiarized planes does not earn Chinese any respect in the military world. Needless to say that their externally similar looking drones and planes have proved to be flying skeletons of comparable western or Russian models. Their JF17 is a slightly upgraded Mig21 almost akin to Indian Mig21 Bison. Their JF16, J11 and J10 are the plagiarized versions of SU27 and SU30 of Sukhoi imports from Russians. Are Russians happy? They haven’t even hidden the external appearance of their copies. The GJ2 Armed Drone looks like an exact copy of American Predator drone. Their Type15 Tank is not exactly comparable to T72 and T90 in terms of fire power and also stability. The entire western world prefers heavier tanks due to stability of firepower. Indian Arjun tanks are considered the best even by western standards and comparable to Abrams of the US army. The Russian philosophy of highly maneuverable tanks and planes doesn’t not compare well enough to high firepower of heavy western platforms.

Indian Military’s multinational technical upgrades of SU30 MKI, Mirage 2000-5, Mig29 UPG, Tejas, Mig21 Bison, Rafale IN, Jaguars Sepecat, C17, IL76, Apaches, LCH gives them a definitive edge over Chinese air force in all theatres of aerial warfare.

What Indian Airforce Lacks is a long range bomber that they should develop keeping in mind their strategic objectives. American B52s have remained the mainstay of the US military for the last 50 years. India needs to indigenously develop a similar platform for long range bomb delivery.

China needs to know that unless it vacates Aksai Chin, the whole Tibet will be in play.

In terms of short term and medium range missiles, there is a need for MIRV warheads for all missiles to dissuade China and its allies. What India may need is a large scale production of Shaurya Missiles that can hit virtually the whole of China should the need arise.  If Tibet goes, the whole China will disintegrate. Already due to Covid19, Chinese economy has shrunk by almost 21.9%. Indian economy has also shrunk by almost 21%. In terms of military training and endurance of soldiers, Indian soldiers have proved their mettle since World War II. The rifles and artillery of India seem to be vastly superior to anything Chinese. India has inducted three new artillery systems ATAG, Dhanush and K9 in 2020 which are on par or better than comparable systems in PLA.

As per Belfer Center report, “We assess that India has key under-appreciated conventional advantages that reduce its vulnerability to Chinese threats and attacks. India appears to have cause for greater confidence in its military position against China than is typically acknowledged in Indian debates, providing the country an opportunity for leadership in international efforts toward nuclear transparency and restraint.”

The biggest problem with India is the inbuilt pessimism of Indian strategists and External affairs bureaucrats as stated in the Belfer Center report, “Indian strategists have not focused on this opportunity, in part because they draw pessimistic conclusions regarding China. For example, one Indian expert has observed that “India’s ground force posture and strength is not really comparable to that of China in their border regions. China has better military infrastructure, capabilities, and logistics.”

Indian Ordnance Board, probably the largest government run industrial production base for armaments will be severely tested in case of war. They are already the Asia’s largest military industrial complex.

Indian naval strength (178 naval assets including Indian Coast Guard) is extremely understated and often ignored by the CCP PLAN which is actually good for India. The majority of Indian Navy is built locally and uses Indian weapon systems. Indian navy has long operational experience in conducting offshore naval operations in war like scenarios. In Missiles comparison, both India and China cover each other’s entire territory with high accuracy. And their Nuclear forces also carry enough to cause each other equal damage. Belfer Center report doesn’t capture the strength of Indian Navy in Indian Ocean region.

History has shown that India has won military wars but lost at the negotiating table. I advise Indian foreign policy strategists to keep strategic options of independence of Tibet and liberation of Aksai Chin as their foreign policy gains. Also, a buffer region around Arunachal pradesh to protect Indian interests.

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