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Expansionist China, a threat to world Peace

Written by adityagm5

The world needs to know that CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is the occupier of China. The world is troubled by CCP, but not the mainstream Chinese. Chinese people are wonderful and totally trustworthy.

CCP and Xi Ping can be easily compared to Nazi Party and Hitler. Communism has taken human emotions out of their DNA. That’s what communism does to the society of humans. Right from Covid19 pandemic originating from Wuhan and then CCP claiming Indian, Russian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Tajik, Taiwan, Kazakhstan lands, there’s something seriously wrong with China. China has occupied Tibet, Parts of India and Filipino islands of the South China Sea. In May 2020, China initiated a military campaign against India, but was stopped by the brute strength of Indian Armed Forces who were all poised to win any battle with China & Pakistan combined. Needless to say that the Wuhan virus is a bioterror weapon that needs to be investigated by the USA, India, Russia, Europe, Japan and Australia. Military threat to India from China hasn’t gone down. Pakistan in its Islamic hatred towards India has already offered its land to Chinese occupation forces. Pakistani citizens must also know the debt trap of China well. Srilanka and many other African countries have started to come out of that debt trap with help from India & USA.

Currently, China is acclimatizing it’s forces on their Indian border near Aksai Chin and will launch a military campaign against India in November 2020 across the entire border with India.

The USA must be prepared to fight alongside India to gain the trust of India which they lost in 1971. India may need more M777 howitzers at short notice to counter China. Russia has already delayed their S400 systems to China to ensure they don’t copy those designs. Japan has already alerted its self defense forces to defend their islands and also their mainland. Taiwan has already begun to assert their territorial integrity against the expansionist China. The military powers of 19 countries are needed to control China from all sides. This is a fantastic opportunity to weaken the grip of the occupation forces of Chinese communist party over China. Chinese people are themselves occupied by CCP. France has already expedited their delivery of Rafale fighters to India. USA has also completed expedited delivery of Apaches to India.

There are some serious internal problems within China. There is a revolt brewing against CCP in the whole of China.

Only CCP members who are roughly 50m, are the happy ones in China because they get their salaries & profits from CCP. CCP owns PLAN, PLAAF and all other armed forces in China. Chinese armed forces are political stakeholders in CCP. China is just a large North Korea in terms of barbarism against their own citizens. Human Rights are practically non-existent in the whole of China even for Chinese & Tibetan Buddhists. Maoism and Marxism are the official ideologies of CCP. When will all suppressed people in China revolt, that remains to be seen? That’s why China is trying to divert its attention from the world by initiating border wars. Most of the Chinese infrastructure is built on American money. If Americans boycott all Chinese products, it will be hard for CCP to fight with anyone.

If America blocks their $1.4t treasury, that will actually help Chinese people to come out of bondage of CCP. China is probably the only country in the world where a political party owns a state and its armed forces. In the case of Pakistan, their all weather ally, the army owns the state.

China must be thrown out of the UN because in any way it doesn’t support most of the expenditure of the United Nations. Most of the expenditure of the UN is borne by the USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France and also India. China has increasingly started supporting Islamic terror against democracies such as India and Israel. It’s support to Iran directly affects the security of India, Israel and the USA. China has become a global and single largest financier of international terrorism. China has tried its best to financially corrupt UN agencies such as UNHCR and WHO. Most of those agencies work on their Marxist plans to spread their ideology.

Many African countries have complained of the Chinese Debt Trap. The over rated Chinese economy is built on destruction of local manufacturing of so many countries which needs to be investigated.

That Chinese have built their industries on pirating western ideas, designs and technologies is a case of severe copyright violation. Recently, they produced a Chinese version of Ford Bronco. The helicopter that was partially destroyed during a raid by American seals on global terrorist Osama in Pakistan was ultimately taken to China. Their utility helicopters look like a carbon copy of American utility helicopters. India took a first step in banning more than 100 Chinese Apps and their 5G Huawei telecom equipment. The US has caught up by banning Tik Tok, Tencent and some other Chinese software companies. Chinese software companies serve as the eyes and ears of CCP across the world. Most Chinese apps are controlled by CCP and in a way make the ordinary Chinese poorer. Only a handful of Chinese can really claim to be really free from CCP.

Chinese intelligence agencies keep a track of all Chinese origin people across the world. They work from their consulates and embassies throughout the world. The control of CCP over Chinese is almost ruthless. Their intelligence agencies work overtime to steal ideas, technologies and economic opportunities in foreign lands.

They use their money to interfere with popular private companies, Universities, media organizations and most importantly corrupt political leaders. They do this in the USA, India and many other countries. Major American media companies have been infiltrated by Chinese financial grants. Most American, European and Indian Universities have been infiltrated by CCP financial grants. CCP holds shares in publicly traded companies in virtually all stock exchanges across the world. Many countries in Europe are in Chinese debt trap as seen during COVID19 pandemic. The world is financing the largest human rights violator on the planet by buying Chinese products. That’s why many Islamic nations who are gross human rights abusers are good friends with China. I won’t be surprised if American elections have been influenced by Chinese money. The power to stop CCP is definitely with Americans. Only the USA can stop CCP abuses. India has shown the path to economically boycott China. It’s time to ban all Chinese imports to prevent another world war.

CCP can be decimated by a global military and economic campaign. Then only there will be peace in the world.

Secretary Pompeo accurately separated CCP from China. He said, “The world has witnessed more examples of the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to coerce and control its citizens including the arrests of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong and the control Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. These actions aren’t one-offs.” The biggest fear of CCP is President Trump getting re-elected in November 2020. Hong Kong has seen the ruthlessness of CCP against its own citizens. CCP is an emotionless expansionist party which has tried to make money even on the Wuhan COVID19 virus that originated from China. The world has witnessed aggression by CCP on all fronts – Military, Economic and Corruption. CCP thrives on bribing and honey trapping  important officials of other countries to coerce them over to their side. Nepal and some other African countries have witnessed it. Even a prominent political party of India, the Indian National Congress leaders have received money from CCP through their embassies.

When the whole world unites against CCP aggression, CCP will crumble like a pack of cards. Many ordinary Chinese will really welcome this step. This is the time to liberate China and also avert a global conflict due to CCP. 

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