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Is Facebook destabilizing other democracies?

Surveillance Capitalism Through Invasive Privacy Policy : Facebook / WhatsApp
Written by adityagm5

Disenfranchisement is the new strategy to win elections. Beware India, and all other democracies of the world. The world’s oldest democracy has also been suffering from its Tech giants. Today Facebook reaches almost a billion people. People all over the world use facebook to connect with friends, families and others for matters both personal and business. Freedom of responsible speech is allowed by most laws across the world. But recent actions by Facebook against even American citizens has alarmed most governments across the world. For the first time it seems that Chinese Communist Party did the right thing by banning Facebook in their country. In the name of freedom of speech, Facebook has been misused by many governments and opposition to create trouble for their opponents. Many intelligence agencies around the world have been known to use Facebook for regime changing wars. Opinions can also be a war strategy. Opinions have been used to overthrow governments who do not open their economies to the US. Many Indian political leaders such as Sonia Gandhi have often been accused by the majority of Indians of working on behalf of foreign intelligence agencies to promote their goods in India. The same holds for other democracies of the world where western intelligence agencies have been accused of promoting anarchy for economic gains. That’s where platforms such as Facebook become a threat to the global community of democratic countries.

How do the world democratic countries protect themselves from interference via facebook? Will the UN pass a law to ensure Facebook won’t be used by western countries to interfere with the sovereignty of other nations? 

Read this entire report of the oversight board on facebook’s decision to ban the 45th President of US, President Donald Trump – Report.

What did you think of this report? Do send your comments below. This is a very important ruling which also gives an insight into the mindset of Facebook managers. Needless to forget that Facebook is an American corporation. It cannot be brought to book by any other sovereign nation across the world. In delivering that judgement, the board castigated Facebook of not being in consistent with their declared policies. However, they failed to comment on it’s repercussions on the global users of facebook. There are several areas which the oversight board missed even for American citizens. Many American citizens have been permanently banned from facebook for ‘violations’. Which American court has intervened to protect the rights of those Americans? (Facebook is an important medium of expression in today’s world and most importantly in the USA.) What are the rights of users in countries which do not follow democracy or have estranged relations with the United States? Regime changing wars have found opposition amongst american politicians across all camps of American politicians. With facebook being used actively in narrative peddling in many parts of the world by western intelligence agencies, it has become a threat to the sovereignty of many countries around the world particularly those who have estranged ties with western powers.

Facebook is not a media house and also it is a private American corporation with its own use policies. Can it be allowed to ban people outside the jurisdiction of American laws? Can it be challenged under laws of other sovereign nations?

The answer to all those questions is emphatically ‘yes’. The last elections allegedly saw facebook being used by American adversaries to influence elections within America too. Facebook allows people to express themselves subject to facebook policies which will be legally considered to be a privilege and not a human right. Then what right did Facebook have to ban selectively for only Burmese Junta government? Did Facebook overstep its mandate and boundaries? Who prompted facebook to ban one side of the conflict when it was the principal medium of communication in that country? These suspicious actions by Facebook makes it open to distrust of many foreign countries. Many alternative social media channels such as India’s KOO & Chinese WeChat have sprung up to challenge this hegemony of Facebook. Facebook has often been accused in India and USA of being the platform of choice of the ultra left & communists. The sensible cogent arguments are whimsically banned by the human copyright editors of Facebook. Should it be brought under the purview of ‘freedom of press’? The answer is obviously ‘no’. Facebook is not a media outlet by design as such. The content posted is the responsibility of individual users, or else, why would Facebook ban them. Facebook presents far too many threats for the security of Americans as well as all its users across the world. 

Facebook presents the biggest threat for democracies outside the NATO alliance. With almost 400m users in India, facebook can be potentially used to affect election outcomes in the world’s largest democracy.

Just like it actually did in many countries in Africa and Asia. Most of those incidents need to be investigated by an international trade organization such as WTO. Indian information ministry must do whatever they can to protect their citizens from facebook before next election.  Given the global reach, Facebook must be held accountable under local laws of different countries for any violation of Trustworthiness. Facebook also needs to be publicly audited for internal functioning and algorithms that it uses so that accurate determination of bias be established if any. Facebook being an American corporation has no understanding and respect for democracies of other large countries such as Brazil, India, Russia and also rest of the world. For instance, Facebook banned Capitol Hill rioters but encouraged rioters at Indian Independence Day celebrations in Delhi. Facebook banned Antifa rioters but promoted facebook protests under the garb of freedom of speech. It is highly unlikely that US Government agencies would be using Facebook to create unrest in India, but cannot be ruled out. Regular banning of prominent Patriotic Indian users is also a case in point. Who gives right to facebook to define patriotism?

Facebook definitely eases communication, but at what cost? No one knows the risks associated with this huge platform that also knows how to circumvent any laws including American. Has facebook become the new colonizer, a threat to other democracies and also the silencer of FREE responsible speech? 

With no understanding of culture of other nations, facebook is imposing American ideas on other countries. Isn’t that social imperialism?

Disclaimer: Individual contributor is responsible for content of the article. USA Politico neither endorses nor rejects any viewpoint. Freedom of speech and Expression is guaranteed as per the Constitution of United States.

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