H.R. 5880 Act: Potentiality of Misuse

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H.R. 5880: Stop Arming Human Rights Abusers Act

This act was introduced by Ilhan Omar, a democrat congresswoman from MN05, to protect human rights across the world. This act specifically targets those countries that deny equitable human rights to their minorities. In many areas this act can be used specifically against 57 Islamic countries that deny religious freedom to non-Muslim minorities in their countries. US citizens must use this act to sanction all Islamic countries that regularly prosecute Hindus, Buddhists and Christians on account of their faith. China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Somalia, Bangladesh, Syria and Qatar regularly fall into this criteria of sanction. All American aid to those countries must be stopped. This is an act of the government of the United States.

Text of the Act:



Anti Semitism, Kafirphobia, Hindu Phobia must be tracked in all those countries of Interest. Countries that are often accused by global Islamic jihad are often the non-muslim majority countries. The law of equal reciprocity must be applied. This act is not complete in itself and needs amendments because most of the time, global politics determines the impulsive usage of this act. Many elements of perpetrators of global human rights abuses have influenced the text of this act. Most human rights abusers often justify their heinous acts against humanity under the pretext of their religious duties or faith. Human Rights must be judged on a set of common principles of civility than on any religious dogma.

Potentiality of Misuse:

This act has the potential to be misused by Islamic caliphates who are working in unison across the world towards demographic subversion in democracies against natives and local civil societies. They have used Human Rights as their shields. Their modus operandi has been to first claim their space in academic institutions which are influenced by leftist ideologies. Then they begin to use a psychological technique of guilt guilt feeling to claim victim hood of racism on account of their beliefs. Their strategy is to influence the civilized politically correct individuals. Once they have a following, they start their campaign of opposing anyone who stands in their way. This is all a predefined template that has seen it’s usage across the world. Many societies try to accommodate them under various pressures from various Human Rights agencies such as UNHCR, Amnesty International and various other international agencies who are heavily influenced by fake Human Rights champions.

  • There should be a clear differentiation between attack and defense
  • Oftentimes the global human rights agencies are used to curtail the rights of indigenous populations to even defend themselves. That is particularly out of this act.
  • Attack of any sort whether ideological, cultural or military must be considered a Human Rights offense. The defense must be proportionate and anything above must be judged.

This act must be amended for all practical purposes in the new congress and senate after the Nov2020 elections. This act doesn’t consider the differentiation between attacker and defender. Attackers are usually the first Human Rights violators. Every human being reserves the right to defend.

Conclusion: This act is a biased act in favor of Ilhan Omar’s constituency and her extended constituency from Africa and middle eastern countries who are dictating this act against everyone else. The sanctions under this act will be a blatant misuse of American Taxpayers money.


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