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American Elections 2020 have destroyed the credibility of American Democracy

Written by adityagm5

Politics drives the well-being of the society. Without good politics, the society is taken over by vested interests and that is the beginning of the downfall of large societies.

During the last 1000 year of world history, the largest empires have survived a maximum of three hundred years of continuous rule. Maybe US Elections 2020 is the beginning of the fall of Democracy as a political philosophy which has been heavily exported by the USA.

1824, 1876, 1888, 1960, 2000, and 2020 US Presidential elections have all been accused of electoral frauds. However, 2020 US Elections have been the most noteworthy of all because mail-in ballots tilted the election away from the incumbent. Does this mean the end of Democracy? Democracy was the winner of the Cold War and has almost assumed hallowed status globally because of India and the USA. Is Democracy hostage to the media manipulation? Is it too early to write the obituary for Democracy? Well obituary can be written even at birth because death is the most certain of all changes. American elections have shown that money is the most important factor in an election. Money buys you media and media buys a narrative along with votes. 

Where is the importance of voters? The votes of the majority of the population do not matter nor do their political donations. It’s the big money of vested interests that rules. Anyone and Anybody can buy the narrative and the influence.

Why have networks such as CNN and similar other cable news operators emerged as the voice of division and irrationality? Ever since 2016, they have been consistent in their hateful campaign against Trump and bringing out propagandist comparisons between Trump and everyone else. Their reporters have played like actors which can put to shame any Netflix or Amazon movies. It has been the longest running soap opera in the USA today. The managers of these media firms have acted as Directors of this propaganda. It is a huge ecosystem consisting of politicians, media, attorneys, judges and powerful businesses. This ecosystem includes giants of the ‘wire’ industry such as Associated Press, a 174 year old organization. The objectivity of news collection and dissemination has transformed into a business of narrative based news reporting or rather propaganda. For ordinary people, they are not the source to look at. It is no longer news, it’s rather opinions. The biggest casualty in any propaganda is truth.

How Elections 2020 changed the fate of the biggest American export? Democracy has been the biggest American Export, especially, since World War II.

Democracy defeated the soviet communism in the Cold War until communism was offshore. When the external symbol of communism didn’t exist, the American democracy proponents became complacent while the communism & socialism crept into their educational system. When American policy makers were busy making China an economic behemoth as it has become today, Chinese were ploughing their profits into American media & education system to buy the narrative and influence. The same happened with Middle-Eastern countries who were ploughing their profits back into the American education system & media to buy influence and narrative. All this while the American media ran the World War II bogey of Russian threat which also appears to be as per the plan. The strategy is to Keep American voters distracted on imaginary emotive issues while the mainstream institutions are taken over by communists and socialists.

Deplatformize all Americans who would try to find the truth has been the key Strategy of Social Media Tech Giants supported by Cable news operators. The once powerful FREE social media is now fully under the control of the very powers that control the narrative.

The control of free speech on social media has now deprived many Americans of their constitutional right to freely express themselves.

The way Mail-in ballots have actually destroyed the credibility of American elections. The unverified mail-in ballots that have been returned back to the state election bodies are more in number than the total ballots issued.

In some verified cases ballots were issued to dead people also. That was the source of all election frauds. The impact of this forgery is profound on international observers of American politics. Also the faith in Democracy is also shattered. American Elections have become a laughing stock in Asia, Africa and Indo-Pacific. Indian Election Commission has emerged as the only government agency that has held large elections free from such interference. However, the money model that American elections have promoted in 2020, is going to hurt Indian democracy in 2022 and also 2024. Also, it is going to affect all democracies across the world, especially, in South America and Europe.

What should other democracies do to protect their elections?

  1. Ban all American or other international Social media giants such as Facebook, Tencent, Twitter and others such as TikTok that could impact their electoral process
  2. Control data of their voters
  3. Control Health data of their citizens
  4. Control foreign investments in their countries
  5. Ban Chinese telecom switches that route their data through Chinese data centers

Disclaimer: Individual contributor is responsible for content of the article. USA Politico neither endorses nor rejects any viewpoint. Freedom of speech and Expression is guaranteed as per the Constitution of United States.

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