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80% Indian-Americans or Hindus, are changing Political affiliation

Written by SharadAuthor

Indian Americans generally vote with Democrats and identify with other immigrant groups, but the stirrings of Hindu nationalist awakening may be shifting that alignment.

Indian Americans, about 80% of whom are Hindus, are the second-largest immigrant group in the U.S. after Mexicans. In 2016, fewer than 20% of Indian Americans supported Donald Trump, but Republicans think they can get a bigger share this year. One reason – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a big Trump fan and vice-versa.

Indians still remember his speech in India where he said “I can tell you, you have never had a better friend as president than President Donald Trump. That I can tell you.”

Trump has made no criticism of Modi’s drive to give Hindus a favored place in India, for example, by promoting a citizenship law that treats Pakistani Hindu and Muslim refugees differently. Democrats and some progressive Indian Americans have criticized Modi over that campaign, but more conservative American Hindus endorse it.

Below are highly emotional topics for Hindu Americans and that drives Hindus towards the Republican Party.

Why HINDUS should support Trump?

Because he supported India when it needed most. Indian Americans, about 80% of whom are Hindus, are the second-largest immigrant group in the U.S. after Mexicans. In 2016, fewer than 20% of Indian Americans supported Donald Trump, but in 2020 it has the potential to go up to 60% of the vote share! One reason – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a big Trump fan. Indian’s have not forgotten what President said in Jan “I can tell you, you have never had a better friend as President than President Donald Trump. That I can tell you.”

Some highly emotional topics for Hindu Americans

  1. CAA / NRC similar to Lautenberg. Under the Lautenberg-Specter Amendments, ‘persecuted religious’ minorities like Jews, Christians, Baha’is fleeing Iran to jump the queue to gain citizenship in the United States. The Lautenberg-Specter Amendments positively differentiate among minorities by creating a   ‘reasonable classification’ to exclude the Muslim majority.
  2. Kashmir – Article 370, 35 Abrogation.
  3. Trump’s economic policies resonate with the Indian Americans, who are the richest immigrants when compared to others.
  4. China expansionist misadventure in Dhoklam in 2017 and Galvan in 2020
  5. Indirect re-branding of India as a Vaccine’s world manufacturing center. 70% of today’s world Vaccine comes from India and every 3rd child in the world has got the vaccine shots manufactured in India.
  6. Indo-Pacific command and helping India in South China sea where $5-7 trillion World’s trade takes place. Offering weapons of the highest quality to its new ally India outside NATO alliance.
  7. Supporting India’s right for self-defense; from the radicalized terror state like Pakistan during the Balakot surgical strike.
  8. WHO stand (?) during the recent pandemic, which echoes with India’s position.
  9. Sharing some key Intelligence info.
  10. Having direct access to the White House and Secretary of Defence, Mr. Pompeo during any crisis.
  11. Appointing some top Indian-American at key positions in the govt to make policy decisions.
    1. Indian Americans appointed under the Republican administration of Donald J Trump since 2017 to important positions:
    2. Manisha Singh – Assistant Secretary of State
    3. Amul Thapar – Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge
    4. Rita Baranwal – Head of Nuclear Energy
    5. Bimal Patel – US Treasury
    6. Aditya Bamzai – US Attorney on Privacy and Civil Rights Oversight.
    7. Sudarsanam Babu – Member of US Science Board
    8. Saritha Komatireddy – UD District Judge
    9. Ajit Pai – Chairman of Federal Communications Commission
    10. Seema Verma – Administrator for Medicare and Medicaid Services
    11. Neil Chatterjee – Chairman of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    12. Krishna Urs – US Ambassador to Peru
    13. Vishal Amin – Intellectual Property Administrator
    14. Raj Shah – White House Spokesperson
    15. Judge Neomi Rao, appointed as Top judge, a position left vacant by Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh
    16. Trump nominated Sue Ghosh as Asst. Admin in charge of USAID’s Asia operation from China to the Maldives

Indian-Americans have not forgotten Mr. Joe Biden’s infamous mocking of the community when he said he finds Indians only running the 7-11 convenience stores, and with those thick Indian accent. The reality was totally different than his typical stereotype characterization based on the famous Simpsons TV serial character of Raghu the convenience store guy. Indians are the most educated and richest immigrants America has, their average gross yearly income is $105K; $40K above the country’s national average! And from being the best doctors to technology brains to being the CEOs of Google, Microsoft, IBM, plus many more Institutions of this country.

Their children for the last 15 years are beating every competitor and getting selected for the prestigious Spelling Bee, breaking all the ACT/SAT/GRE/MCAT/GMAT, etc. type national filtering parameters. The army is the next destination where our 2nd and 3rd generation with sharp brains are soon going to get in…

So it is important to have more assimilation and understanding, which can come from Trump’s acknowledgment and endorsement; and this is going on. Democrats, have wasted the huge support they enjoyed from the community for so long, only to hurt them by falling into Islamic countries agenda against India’s sovereign policies be it Triple Talaq, CAA, 370, 35A, NRC, Ram Mandir, Delhi rites, Cow protection-related actions or controlling the Urban Naxals. Democrats have taken a consistently anti-India stand to hurt so many of us emotionally, our emotional and parental connection with India cant be broken, and its high time Democrats get this!

What do we want?

  1. Tax reforms: Most Indians, as you know, are highly educated. They are also relatively quiet well-off ($65k vs $105k), and they want low taxes, small govt, and they want people to be responsible for their own lives.
  2. Indian Civilization Education in USA schools and Univ: Subjects like ancient history, anthropology, literature, Yoga, and Vedic Math should become part of the education system.
  3. Green Card based on quality, rather than a number. Transparency and time-bound movement of the files for highly educated skilled profiles. We are demanding it not begging!
  4. Healthcare reforms – Indian-American can definitely help here in a big way.
  5. Assimilation to make America strong, more Indian-Americans should join Defence, Police, and Legal systems by providing them the right mentorship and environment.
  6. Education system reform – Indian-American community can help here in a big way; they need to be roped in.
  7. Change the institutional ignorance of the Hindu sensibilities. Before it’s too late and another Black life matter type incident is not needed for spreading that awareness, govt should immediately form a fact-finding and reform committee to have Hindu symbols and value system respected as desired in the American constitution. Indian-American ethnicity should be understood in every federal code and can’t be generalized with others.
  8. Hindu Americans are mainly from India, but are also from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Fiji, Caribbean Island, Mauritius, Afghanistan, etc. so the only common platform are their deities and it is very important for Trump to stand as a tall leader helping forge mutual respectable coexistence with the powerful evangelists here, as the common fight is against the Islamic radicalization and communism.
  9. Ivy League college’s transparency in rejecting Hindu Americans based on some mysterious quota system needs to be revoked and allow all for a fair play and Opportunities.
  10. AAPI– intake of Hindu Americans in the high specialty areas like 0. Surgeon, 1. Cardiologist (Invasive), 2. Orthopedic Surgeon, 3. Gastroenterologist, 4. Urologist, 5. Invasive Cardiologists, 6. Anesthesiologists, 7. Emergency Medicine Physicians, 8. Neurologists etc. are currently not matching to the community’s skill set, education level, numbers, and MCAT scores, this needs to be fixed as there are huge anger and concern.

COVID-19 as an Excuse to Destroy the U.S. Economy:

President legacy in his first term along with many things was an all-time great economy before the bio-weapon was fired on the entire World in general and America in particular. We need Trump administration to be very aggressive and get the economy on the track, even if that requires various ways of dharma diplomacy.

Chinese Hegemony and Corona Virus. It is utterly immoral and unethical to blame Trump or his administration for the spread of the Coronavirus. President Trump and his administration are doing their best to stop the spread of it.  The Chinese Communist Party is responsible for this worldwide pandemic.  Today, Chinese Communists are not exporting revolutions.

They are exporting capital and their cheap merchandise to dupe and bankrupt the World.

Today China has a border dispute with over 12 countries and wants to conquer them financially and militarily.  President has to take the TV rhetoric on to the South China sea, and nothing better than the war-based economy, after all the Wuhan virus was fired accidentally or intentionally on the richest economic power with the same purpose, as evident by the current action of the country where this virus came from. America needs a strong leader, and who better than Donald Trump.

The Globalist-controlled Western Media loves to use Russia as a boogeyman, but Russia is a potential ally and not an ideological rival. The Communist Soviet Union died at the end of 1991.  The Cold War has ended.  Russia today is a conservative, Christian, and capitalist society, though not fully a democracy (India as an ally can help transform Russia into a democracy but for that America has to give some waiver and support). The United States must work with India, Israel, Japan, Europe, Saudi, and Russia in the interest of global peace.

Islamic fundamentalists, the Globalists, and Communist China benefit from pitting Russia against the United States and vice-versa.  The United States must make efforts to bring Russia into NATO, and, at the same time, should force Islamic fundamentalist out of NATO. These are some emotive issues that will help sway Hindus to the republican party.

– Sharad Mohan is a proud Hindu-American 

Twitter / Parler : @SharadAuthor

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  • I would love to share this post, but I do not think it is correct to say that Modi is a big trump fan. Modi is in service of India and he is doing what ever it takes to make it strong and resilient. If that means reaching out to Trump, then he will do that. We need to be careful not to burn bridges with any side. Please do not speak on personal likes and dislikes of Modi. Just stick to verifiable facts. Getting selected to spelling bees means nothing. What are these Indians doing for their civilizational challenges is what is impaortant. Are Hindus stepping up to the game of engaging with Democrats to educate them about the Hindu point of view like the Islamic side does? Why have Hindus not been able to lobby and push forth their agenda? Is ti because we are too busy with making more and more money and competing against each other instead of cooperating and community building?

    • I respect your views !

      Yes, I agree your observation on the personal likes and dislikes Vandana Ji. But he is currently his country’s boss and hence was referenced.

      Regarding, Democrats, yes tried educating and engaging in a few discussions, but they have taken party level stand on the anti-India position on anything concerning that country as mentioned in the article..

      Thanks for your comments.

    • I agree with Vandana Jain. Mody has to run the country and will do everything in favor of India. The day Mody disagrees with Trump the so called friendship will be over in a second.
      Another very important point you are making about engaging Democrats and for that matter Republicans too to educate them about Hindu point of view. Historically, Non-Unity has always been an issue with India.

  • I agree with Vandana Jain. We call yourself Indian Hindu but we should ask some questions honestly. Do we really think and understand about how is our daily like in this country living with our children? Since last 50 years living in this country an average Hindu Indian is living with one mission and that is go after Money only, compete with his own Hindu brother, pull his legs, try to go ahead of him at any cost, and live like a big person with an attitude of Who is walking and who is Riding. I experienced this from my college time when a Dr professor was laughing and telling every student in a class Chemical Engineering students. .and it is almost true in our daily life . yeas we are well educated and our children as well. But Ethics and code of conduct as well as Morality are wet at the bottom of an average Hindu Indian’s family life. We make so much money and we are ahead of others but number one is lack of Unity. Out attitude is on a very low graph. We should look into the life of other groups such as Lations, Chinese, other groups. We can learn some good things from these ones. Our life is loaded with dual personality that we hear and find from our own children. How often we participate in a catastrophic situation in this nation. Remember 911 or any big storm. Do we really do something? Ask your self a question. We do everything to educate our children but do we ever try to make and live the life as a human or just like a showman? Please think it over. We go to temples but how many of our children?

  • Every country would like to give first preference to their own citizen. Every country would not like illegal immigrants. If Trump acts upon this line, it is ok. Every Indian origin US citizen must accept this. As for Foreign policy is concern, Trump favors India’s policy. India’s foreign policy is reasonable. The democrats as per the people of India, having vested interest and they are not reasonable.

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