Is Aruna Miller taking money from BJPs opposition parties of India

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Aruna Miller and International Politics

Aruna Miller, is Democratic party candidate running for Lt. Governor post in the Maryland Gubernatorial election of 2022. She is running along with Wes Moore as candidate for Governor who was previously a CEO of large non-profit organization and a combat Veteran who fought in Afghanistan.

Aruna in her bid to establish herself as Muslim friendly candidate vying for Muslim votes in Maryland posts the following on the Moore-Miller official campaign website (Link here)   She doesn’t want anything to do with international politics which is very right as she need to focus on Maryland State as Lt. Governor. However, in the same breath a few lines above, she denounces “BJP”. BJP is an political party in India, of which Narendra Modi is the head and is also the top most executive of the Government of India. She is also proud to denounce a law in India which has nothing to do with Maryland State.

One can question if she really doesn’t want to do with any :international politics”, why would she selectively quote about a foreign country’s laws and actions. Does this mean, she has taken money from those political parties of India that are in opposition to Modi ji’s BJP Political party?

Telugu word for Hinduism is “Hindutvam”

In addition on this very webpage where she talks about ”… Religious Freedom” for communities of certain faith she also talks in opposition to another faith “Hindu”..tva “tva” is a Sanskrit post-fix for English word “..ism” or ‘..ity”. Although being born of Hindu faith, she is not aware that Hindutva and Hinduism mean the same. In her mother tongue Telugu, it is also referred to as “Hindutvam”. Aruna has clearly fallen for the anti-Hindu propaganda and is either consciously or unconsciously allowing Hate between two communities of Maryland. Same hate has been spread by Labor party of United Kingdom which is now trying to placate by accepting Hindu hate is real after losing last General Elections in a big way to The Conservative Party. (News Link here)






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