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Is Democracy Dead?

Cancel culture destroys democracy. What makes the USA the most sought after country by all immigrants? The answer is not just ‘respect to human dignity’ and ‘freedom to express’ but also ‘freedom to attain your dreams’. The founding fathers of this great nation ensured respect to dignity of human life through this famous opening lines of American Declaration of Independence – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. These lines of Thomas Jefferson form the basis of protecting human dignity in this country. The democrat and left winger spin on this line comes from the personal life of Thomas Jefferson who was a slave owner and also led the frontier wars against native Americans. However, the statement must not be rejected because further amendments to the constitution have ensured that the common law follows the original intent of this statement to protect the freedom of citizens.

The ‘cancel culture’ promoted by the democrats goes against the ‘pursuit of Happiness’ phrase of the Declaration of Independence. Many actions or karma of Thomas Jefferson can be questioned especially those against the natives but nonetheless, those founding statements still hold value for the majority of Americans.

The first amendment ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances’ establishes the constitutional framework of enforcement of the Declaration of Independence. However, the original drafters of the constitution did not visualize the scenario where one of the mainstream political parties will be guided by a global tyranny blueprint. The democracies have been the target of this global tyrannical cabal with common campaign themes across the world. We are hearing global fear mongering like – ‘Democracy is in danger’, ‘Nationalism is bad’, ‘Build back better’, ‘White Supremacists’, ‘Caste Supremacists’, ‘White nationalism’ and so on. Are all these global messages coordinated from one place?

Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Anjela Merkle (ex-chancellor of Germany) and even Rahul Gandhi (the politically irrelevant opposition member of India) speak the same points. It is a fact of history that socialism has produced the worst dictators who used violence to meet their political objectives. 

Canada is going through a socialist emergency in 2022 which reminds everyone of socialist emergency imposed by Indra Gandhi in 1975. Can this be repeated in the USA? Of Course yes, because the moral condescending posture of the global left cabal comes from academic endorsements. Poverty is kept purposefully alive to create a justification for tyranny. Every single tyrant has risen to save the poor. While claiming to save the poor, they have created even more poverty. Because if poverty goes away then they have no justification left to rule. This happened in India in the first 65 years of independence. This is just beginning in the USA. Millions of people have run away from socialist regimes and authoritarian religious countries to come to the USA to experience freedom. But here too now they are faced with similar politics which they ran away from.

The academics, socialists and ‘privately’ communists are gradually seeding dissension to create a need for pro poor politics. The essential part of that program is to always keep a perennially poor voting block which is permanently scared of the rich. 

Have we seen this in other democracies? India is a glaring example of this type of politics where politicians never ever did anything to remove poverty but always claimed in the international press that they were working hard to remove poverty. Is this happening in the USA now? Yes, the politics over homelessness and welfare programs for the poor are reaping rich dividends for a particular political group. Introduction of Racism & Casteism in school curriculums is a classical act of fear mongering to divide the society between the ‘supremacists’ and so called ‘victims’. No sensible person would like to be labeled either a ‘supremacist’ or a ‘victim’. But the academics, the media and politicians are using these terms freely to build a voting block for themselves. Welcome to the world of third world politics. India has seen this for decades and that has marred their economic growth. The USA is beginning to experience this now. The Chinese Communist Party has institutionalized this type of political system where the party controls every domain of public life. The same is being attempted to be replicated in the US through an ecosystem.

California seems to be the first state where the democracy has been completely altered to suit this type of political dispensation. Many cities of California are struggling to maintain basic cleanliness levels because the ecosystem won’t let that happen. And when people voice their concern, the ecosystem blames it on another political party to divert the attention from the main issues. 

As I said before, this is an international ploy to weaken democracies from within to expose the weaknesses of democracies. Control the media, control politicians, control trade policies and then weaken the resolve of the state to respond to global crises. This is an exciting playbook of an enemy which everyone knows but nobody has the courage to name without being called a ‘nationalist’. Because the narrative has been set that ‘nationalism’ is bad, but patriotism is good. Most democracies of the world and particularly the leading large democracies have been seized from within through the self imposed morality shackles very cleverly. Who stands to gain? The dictatorial countries stand to gain from this loss of democracies. Now those authoritarian regimes can publicly claim that democracy is a failed idea. The global leftist cabal ecosystem reinforces the idea that ‘democracy is in danger’ which is parroted by the media, the politician and the academic. Can anyone guess who must be behind it? Who stands to gain the maximum from the collapse of stable democracies? Who stands to gain from anarchy? It’s all about trade at the global stage. The whole world was colonized for money through faith. Now we are seeing the whole world again getting colonized for money through anarchism. It is up to now sensible citizens who understand this global play to use their votes intelligently to strengthen their democracies. A democracy may not be the most ideal system but nonetheless ensures human dignity better than any other political system prevalent today. Loktantra is a better system whose time will surely  come in the coming years.

Is democracy dead? It all depends on citizens now.

Aditya Satsangi is an author of many books. His latest book – Gold, Glory & God is available on Amazon on Kindle, Paperback and Hardcopy.

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