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Massive Virtual Rally by #Hindus4Trump

Written by adityagm5

#Hindus4Trump held a massive virtual rally on 19th July across the 48 states of the United States. The rally was organized by Americans4Hindus.org along with all other allied Hindu organizations such as OFBJP, HSS, Sattology, Festival of Globe, ISKCON and many other allied organizations. Al Mason from the Trump Campaign Finance Committee answered many questions of the community particularly their concerns, their current perception of the democrat opponents and also their existing challenges. More than 100,000 American Hindus attended the virtual meet through various social media forums who approved the candidature of President Trump.

It still remains to be seen in coming weeks how this gets translated into financial contribution and votes for Trump.

There were many important areas were mentioned that need attention of Trump Presidential campaign:

  • Need for Trump campaign outreach to American Hindu candidates who need RNC support in their campaigns
  • Need for RNC to work closely with Americans4Hindus which has emerged as the single largest grassroots based committee with direct reach across the eligible American Hindu voters base
  • Need for Trump campaign to address the concerns of American Hindu community concerned with leftists and Islamists being openly supported by Democrats
  • Need for Trump campaign for a equitable immigration policy that rewards merit
  • Need for Trump campaign to address specific issues related to education policy that includes accurate description of ancient Hindu History, Yoga and Spirituality
  • Need for Trump Campaign to address the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Need for Trump Campaign to appoint a Hindu Leader to USCIRF board from the recognized traditions from Hindu culture

Dr Raj Bhayani, co-Founder & Co-Chair of Americans4Hindus along with Mr Aditya Satsangi, co-Founder & President of Americans4Hindus and Dr Romesh Japra, co-Founder & Chairman of Americans4Hindus.org, organized this meet with Al Mason, who is the Co-chair of Trump Victory Indian-American Finance Committee.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Senior Advisor to Donald J Trump for President, Inc. and National Chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee also endorsed this largest initiative of Hindus4Trump of Americans4Hindus.org.

Dr Japra raised an important point, “How can the Trump administration address the dharmic concerns of American Hindu Community to cater to almost 12 million dharma followers in the USA?” Aditya Satsangi, educated Al Mason about the Hindu community which comprises Hindus from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Fiji, Guyana, Trinidad, Nepal, Thailand, Australia, Europe and also growing number of Caucasian Americans accepting Hindu dharma values. Not to forget the growing Yoga community with almost 40m followers across the United States. Prime Minister Modi’s International Yoga Day has brought more than 20m Americans publicly demonstrating Yoga in Prominent places across all 50 states and other American territories.

The entire virtual event was lively and filled with pride of Trump-Modi friendship and also USA-India friendship.

Hindus4Trump will surely bring votes for Trump in Key swing states and also some additional seats in California for GOP. The GOP also needs to do some more on their part to retain this enthusiasm. There are some other virtual rallies being planned at state levels and national level to ensure the momentum. More to come from Americans4Hindus.org


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