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Harassment of Trump by Left

Written by adityagm5

Since the beginning of 2016, the leftist media has attacked Trump on one pretext over another. In the beginning, they rejected him. Commentators after commentators predicted that he won’t be the Republican nominee. Then, they weaved a story that he is unfit to rule. Then, they threw another bombshell that he is mentally not sound. Then they manufactured another story, that he is against women. Then another fake story on taxes. These campaigns were launched before even he assumed office.

The entire deep state manufactured Russian help to his campaign. They tried their best to demoralize his support base. That was all before November 2016.

Within hours after his oath ceremony, the impeachment process started on one pretext over another. The first was the Mueller report, which turned out to be a witch hunt and wasted almost $100m over a fake trial. Not a single day has passed since then when the leftist media hasn’t harassed President Trump. The term Muslim Ban was invented by the democrats to harass him more. The world knows that travel ban from certain terror infested countries was a must. Many other countries in Europe and Asia have similar immigration safeguards. Then came the border wall issue.

Today, the border wall has helped CBP to secure more Americans.

When nothing worked, the leftist media accused him on his mannerisms. Well, people who have worked with him closely have all attested to the fact that he has been the most well mannered and respectful President in recent history. Not a single day has passed when CNN Fake News media outlet hasn’t criticized President Trump. The impeachment saga was driven by hate more than any facts on the ground, and it has set a wrong precedent. Now in future, every democrat President will be open for house impeachment.

CNN has been running a campaign against Trump since 2015. What is their fear? On whose agenda they are working on?

The economic fundamentals of the USA have been the strongest ever in history. The military is now the strongest under President Trump. The travel ban has ensured safety for millions. The wall has protected Americans from all terror that could have come from the porous southern border. President Trump has been lauded by most Americans for his proactive effort in halting the spread of COVID19. But if it was not for the leftist media and its hateful campaign, Trump would have had at Least 80% approval rating on economy, military, homeland security and trade deals. The opposition to President Trump is driven more from hate rather than facts. The hate is due to the fact that the deep state is completely defanged. They have nothing else left than to cry. The Islamist lobby was promoted by democrats to garner votes but even that failed as their socialist mascot didn’t even win the nomination.

The Democrat establishment has again shown that they are the ones controlled by the corporate.

This hate campaign and Presidential harassment is going to become more severe and harsh for him in the coming weeks as the nation recovers from COVID19. If it was not for Trump, the markets won’t have rallied even in the midst of the worst pandemic. The proactive movement of the federal law enforcement forces has stopped all types of riots in California, Washington, Oregon and New York. That fact hasn’t been ignored by all Americans.

The honest opposition politics has been missing off late because the deep state has already sold the USA to foreign nations to secure their sources of income.

That President Trump has developed immunity to these fake baseless campaigns of the deep state and the left is itself a testimony to the fact that Americans are in good hands. It is high time for all Americans to lend him support openly and strengthen his hands to defeat this presidential harassment and protect the interests of the nation first. When the nation is strong, the people within are also strong individually. For the left, their interests are above the nation. The left and their crony media already know the outcome of November 2020. They are almost losing their mental balance and waiting for their next chance for demagoguery. November 2020 is not that far. The #SilentMajority will definitely speak at the hustings in November 2020.


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