Replying India Bashers with the Wallet: FDI increases by 32% During 2019-21

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Years 2020 and 2021 have been extraordinarily difficult for the humanity. COVID-19 has shaken social and economic systems of every country including USA, the #1 economy of the world by GDP. Market economy has slipped into a welfare economy. We have witnessed competitive populism in USA in the last two years.

Who is the originator of this catastrophe, the jury is yet out. But this got to be fixed. Nothing happens without a cause. And without responsibility duly fixed, and culprit brought to justice, our concerns for eclectic causes like climate change would be nothing more than empty rhetoric.

In the last two years, instead of searching the culprit and bringing to justice, the whole focus has been on managing emergency and rightly so. Life is most precious. There is priority higher than saving human life.

And there have been a league of India bashers for their vested interests which include stooping as low as holding ‘a’ leader responsible for everything happening in India in the matters of COVID-19.

For a  sample and for the sake of brevity, Let me provide you one link from closer to our home, the USA.

Please review:

As per this link, regarding COVID-19 situation in  India, there is nothing but devastation.

And many of ilk (foreign media0 have not been too far behind.

From within India, being by far the truest democracy, opposing a leader who is changing India from the rut of last 70 years, perpetuated by Macauley Class, is as expected, and bashing India, to indirectly take aim at a leader, by mouth pieces of the opposition should be nothing unexpected or surprising.

However, there have been sons, daughters, friends, and well-wishers of India, from within and outside, who are doing everything within their power to alleviate the situation.

But the best is the reply given by International investors to India bashers. They did it with their Wallet.

As per a recent report, the FDI inflows into India has increased by 32% from 2019 to 2021. While in 2019, it was $62 Billion. It has increased to $81.2 Billion in 2021.

May please see for more details:

For the records of the US media particularly  who has been top India bashers, USA is the Second Top Country, after Singapore, contributing 23% of the FDI inflows to India in 2020- 2021.

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