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Report: Uganda Elections 2021

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Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobby Wine), 38 Vs President Yoweri Museveni, 76 are the two principal contenders in this election amongst 9 others.

Both the candidates have similar policies except that the incumbent President and his party has been in power for the last 35 years. President Museveni has had a strong record of economic growth and health policies which has allowed him to hold power for the longest duration. His track record of maintaining peace in Uganda has been another strong part of his governance over a long period of time. Uganda is surrounded by unstable countries except probably Kenya. The efforts of the incumbent President is very noteworthy. Twitter’s recent statement calling for removing blockade of their services in Uganda also speaks of the challenges that Uganda faces from foreign interference in their elections. President Museveni has been a great ally of major world powers especially India, UK and South Africa. It’s efforts to maintain peace in neighboring countries hasn’t gone unnoticed by the international poll-watchers. Many foreign countries want to regain control of the Ugandan economy from within Africa and also other western countries.

BBC’s recent attempts to paint President Museveni’s rule as fraudulent speaks of the global conspiracy against Uganda. 

The principal main contender, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobby Wine), is a Young contender who is more popular with the Young has had a strong run in the election so far especially in the urban sector. The challenger’s role is particularly noted for a vibrant enthusiastic campaign. However, his usage of foreign social media networks has had a mixed response. Rural Uganda is not particularly technology connected to be fair, so the majority of the electorate misses his message. The high chances are that the elections may not be as free and fair because of a lack of security infrastructure in the country. The reports of him having faced multiple assassination attempts have not been confirmed by any independent body. It is generally not possible for an international organization to validate the claims of violence. Even the European officials have refused to become the observers of the elections in Uganda. 

Major Issues in the Elections

  1. Corruption

  2. Poverty

As far as the outcome of this election goes, our editorial team predicts that President Museveni will hold power based on very initial data as was made available. But we also predict that it might be a close race. In any case, the elections in Uganda will have a wide bearing on the elections in the neighboring states. Uganda has given shelter to more than 1.4m people from neighboring states. 

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