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Ritesh Tandon Vs Ro Khanna: Who is winning in CA17?

Written by adityagm5

The election of Ro Khanna in 2018, was supported by some leading Hindu Americans in CA17 district of California. The trust of Hindu American community on his abilities went far beyond the trust of his principal opponent Ron Cohen in 2018. Ron Cohen couldn’t match the financial strength and community support of Ro Khanna. Major corporations and wealthy individuals propelled him to victory in 2016 and then again in 2018.

According to the East Bay Times, Khanna won with a campaign platform focused on “moving the Democratic Party to a more progressive stance.”

What was that progressive stance?  Ro is currently a member of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (Capac) whose most members come with conservative values aligned to their faith. Anti India and Anti Hindu cannot be a progressive stance. On Taxes, Ritesh stands for abolishing 10k limit on salt taxes deduction. This will help all the residents of CA17 as well as rest of California. Ro Khanna didn’t do anything on that. Ritesh also wants to give special tax rebates to our law enforcement and fire fighters who risk their lives to protect our community.

Under Ro Khanna, no Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) ever got a fair representation in the US Congress over Pay equality, Human Rights and justice.

Ro Khanna received support from Facebook, Google, Yahoo and some other media giants who are known to deplatformize conservatives and suffocate the voices of many American citizens. Large corporations supported Ro Khanna to ensure that they were never questioned by ordinary American citizens. In fact, Democratic Party under Bernie Sanders  is currently campaigning for higher taxes on large corporations.

It remains to be seen if the same corporations that supported Ro Khanna in 2016 and 2018 will support a candidate that proposes higher taxes on them.

The biggest help to Bay Area manufacturing came due to Federal tax incentives and Make in USA policies of Federal Administration since 2016. Ro Khanna is the First Vice Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) which among other things proposes higher taxes on Upper Middle Class and Upper Class households. And among others, CPC aims to abolish Patriot Act which has provided security to most Americans since 9/11.

Many residents of Bay Area have who have earned their wealth through their hard work stand to lose significantly with Ro’s socialistic policies.

Ro Khanna is also a member of Justice Democrats PAC whose main ideology is to remove all corporate backed candidates. My suggestion to Saikat Chakravarty is to remove Ro Khanna first because he has been the biggest receiver of support from large corporates in the Bay Area. Amongst other things, Justice Democrats PAC wants to abolish the National Security Agency (NSA) and increase funding of Planned Parenthood using American taxpayers money. They also oppose Executive Order 13780, titled Protecting the nation from Foreign Terrorist entry into the United States. AllOfUs and Brand New Congress PACs have merged with Justice Democrats to form a very powerful PAC. One of the stated goals of this PAC is to introduce a left wing populist movement to influence future and current democrats. Moveon.org is also affiliated with this PAC through its fundraiser Zack Exley. Combining capital gains taxes and estate taxes are another goal of this PAC. For first one and a half years, Ro Khanna was putting all his energy to please Bernie Sanders for his personal interests. During that time, California had the top five cities in homelessness. Ro Khanna was also instrumental in sending jobs outside of California through his projects in other states.

Premala Jayapal and Ilhan Omar are other members of this PAC which is supported by Bernie Sanders campaign. Ro Khanna has been a member of this PAC since May 9, 2017.

On social grounds, Ro Khanna has abandoned core issues of his principal constituency. He has openly supported religion inspired Pakistani terror against Hindus in Kashmir.

Most Hindu Americans have moved away from him and have questioned him on his betrayal.

To summarize, Ro Khanna stands for

  • Higher taxes in CA17
  • Promoting Corporate greed
  • Disloyalty to his principal Hindu American supporters
  • Terrorism in USA by opposing Laws that protect Americans
  • Socialistic policies of forced division of wealth through repressive taxation policies
  • Uncontrolled immigration
  • Ultra Left leaning politics
  • Opposition to Racial Equality through Prop16

To summarize, Ro Khanna stands against

  • Freedom of speech by supporting corporations that deplatformize views of American citizens
  • Rights of Asian American Pacific Islander Community
  • Rights of hardworking immigrants from Asia

To summarize, what Ritesh Tandon stands for:

  • Merit based immigration
  • Protecting rights of all people who are already here in his constituency irrespective of race, faith or any other factor
  • Lower Taxes
  • Medical for all
  • Giving more tax breaks and incentives to startup ecosystems
  • Bringing more bio tech industries to CA 17
  • Bringing more manufacturing to CA17 congressional district
  • Bringing new defense manufacturing to CA 17

It is really up to voters to decide if they really want to elect him as their representative. CA17 Bay Area needs a progressive candidate that values life, family and upholds moral values of community. Also, CA 17 needs a representative that allows all immigrants to realize their American Dream. We do have a better alternative now in Ritesh Tandon from CA 17 who is supported by all residents from that district. 

Ritesh Tandon is winning and this will be the biggest upset for Democrats in the Nov 2020 elections.


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  • Thank you for writing the truth. We love our country and we need to remove people / communist/socialist Ro Khanna. Let’s all support Ritesh Tandon (www.tandonforcongress.com)

  • Ro is Traitor. He makes noise when Islamist don’t have internet in Kashmir, whereas he doesn’t speak any words for every day killing/rape of Minorities – Christians, Hindus, etc. In Pakistan. Shame on him. Support Mr. Tandon this time.

  • Ro is a traitor… He loves Iran more than the USA. Everyone please call your friends in Silicon Valley and beg to vote Mr. Tandon

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