Mike Pence challenges Kamala Harris – Don’t play politics with American lives. While, the current issues in American politics are mainly dealing with economics, law enforcement, religious polarization and health (particularly COVID 19). Making Tax filings of Donald Trump as one of the main democratic talking points seems to be a diversion away from the bigger challenges facing United states today. This VP debate brings out stark contrasts between the position of Democrats Vs Republicans. Kamala Harris plans to cut ten thousand dollars from student loans is a big promise just like a post dated unsigned check. Where will all this money come from? Mike Pence immediately catches on to her, “That will come from raising taxes.” Joe Biden wants to increase tariffs for healthcare following Obamacare.

More taxes, more regulations is what destroys an economy. This is what Socialist countries do.

USA has reduced CO2 emissions by a lot through innovations. There are many ways to reduce Green House emissions. As per Pence, “Green New Deal is going to put more tax burdens on American people.” Democrats’ #GreenNewDeal will put an additional two trillion dollar burden on American taxpayers. This new democrat plan is going to remove all innovation from the American Industry.

Kamala Harris is quoting pew research that has a dubious record of Xi Ping having a better international standing than Donald Trump. However, the facts say otherwise. As per their 2019 survey, Xi Ping was popular. But now, given Xi Ping’s land aggression against India and other eighteen bordering countries including South Asia, the popularity of Xi Ping has gone down amongst the lowest in international standing. In the middle of Pandemic, there is little that China has done to help the global community. In fact Chinese manufacturing has increased at the cost of the world. USA has stood up to China’s hegemony on it’s borders and especially in South China sea.

China’s human rights violations in Tibet and Hong Kong have been censured by Trump-Pence administration. Biden-Harris haven’t condemned Chinese aggression.

On abortion, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are endorsing state funded support for abortion right up to the point of birth. Pence has a clear view on that all lives are sacred as per faith. Kamala Harris contradicts her own faith on this. The other important issue of International politics, it has been proved beyond doubt that it were Clintons who were involved in Russian scam. Russian involvement in American elections has been the biggest hoax peddled by the democrats. The biggest achievement of Trump-Pence administrations have been opening of American embassy to Jerusalem. Another foreign policy win of Trump administration has been a stronger Indo Pacific leadership. On Foreign policy front Trump-Pence admin have done fabulous.

The riots ensuing BLM protests have been blamed squarely on Democrats. Kamala was not able to defend that in her first debate with Mike Pence.

For the Indian American community, Kamala Harris introduced herself as a black woman, not as Indian American. Kamala Harris also doesn’t believe in Hindu faith, the faith of her mother. She has again and again declared that she is a woman of faith. That faith is the Catholicism.

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